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There are lots of goods which make a gap between floor and cable. And they brings noticeable improvement of sounds. Vibrations from the floor and airs definitely bothers quality of sounds.


We Hifistay, a lead company with great reputation related to audio rack and vibration resolution, release new product fused all vibrations controlling techniques. This product equipped effective double(first and second) vibration controlling system and self resonant frequency system which could make great sounds quality.




  • Primary vibration solution: Maintaining osculation of cable and micro vibration controlling with silicon band

  • secondary vibration solution: application of Swing technology which blocks outside vibrations and natural controlling of vibrations

  • It has various ways to assemble so you can make detail tuning.

  • Can applicate to various cable conditions

  • Can applicate to double-run and bi-amping(Add pole shaft)


Matchless cable elevator equipped two vibration controlling systems


Sound Wings is constructed with double layers for two solutions. The Silicon band which operates primary controlling of vibrations is constructed for supporting heavy weight cable. The lower shelf which operates secondary controlling, has three base and six ceramic balls for Technology Swings and moves by principal of action and reaction.

Sound Wings Bridge with same construct Sound Wings has silicon band for primary solution for vibrations.




Primary solution solutions using elasticity 


Secondary solution solutions with Swing technology 

Flexible vibration like jelly, Swing Technology


The primary technology of Sound Wings is Swing technology which applicate to the lower part.


Swing Technology is based on the pendulum movement which operates by rincipal of action and reaction. There are lots of similar products in the markets, but there are significant difference. Sound Wings removes vibrations by moving like water flows with meticulous three layers construct and ceramic balls.


When you tap Sound Wings, you can see smooth movement like jelly.

 With this movement It absorbs micro vibrations effectively.



Masterpiece with long time know-how


The problem of audio is always noise and vibration. But that's impossible to divide them. If we over control vibrations, It sounds unnatural and dull. If we don't control vibrations, It sound rowdy and distorted.



We HIFISTY has made great improvement with various great products since 2002. And finally, We developed Swing technique which is equipped with three layers. With this we are able to remove vibrations naturally.



There are a different level of gradations according to diminution of vibrations.

Swing technology with three layers makes the overall sound natural. Rapid controlling of sounds harms the sound and makes it dull. Sound wings with three layers and ceramic balls moves like water and finally makes vibration remove.


Sounds quality Resolution effects of Sound Wings

Sound Wings makes device express natural sounds by dividing device with electricity and noise and protecting from those. With this effects, you can expect following improvements.


  • With this, cables do its best natural capacity and make great sound quality.

  • With this, We can solve conglomerate of low pitch and hear clear sounds.

  • With this, Depth of super low pitch improves. So We can hear more natural deep base.

  • With this, We can hear micro sounds and clear distinct among instruments because of resolution&focusing improvement.

  • With this, We can feel stereoscopic sounds.

  • With this, we can feel vivid rhythm and focus on music more.



Straight Coupling



Rouned Coupling



Cross Coupling


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