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Perfect solution for controlling vibration


Stella 55


 Stella55 is an integration of know-how and focused technology of HIFI STAY.

Although its height is 9mm(just as general spike shoes), We can have great controlling of vibration with complex pyramid-shaped structure(with 3 layers) and ‘Swing Technology-special tech of HIFI STAY’ with ceramic balls(made of zirconia).

Stella 55 only removes vibrations that give bad effect, not every vibration. That’s a discriminatory feature of Stella 55 of Hifi stay.

Also, Intensive stainless still makes sound stage more stable and improves purity and density of medium sound.



Replaceable upper part

Concave shoes shaped and with no bolt upper part will be provided. It can be used or not as occasion demands. Bolt-shaped can be purchased for good measure and it is replaceable.


Ceramic ball 

Each layer shows flexible moving with three zirconia.



A three level layer

 Three level layers with double controlling structure make natural attenuation of vibrations by preventing counter transference.


Stainless steel

We add density of medium sound comparing to aluminum, weighing 2.5 times more than aluminum.


Center of gravity

A gravity center that spike is placed, is has low center. (It is even lower than 9mm.)


Pyramid structure .

A Stable pyramid structure(not vertical shaped) makes maximum load lager and gives great stability.

Value of Stella 55  



 There are three main values of Stella.

First, Stainless that can be made with difficulty

And Swing technology-matchless solution for controlling vibration

Lastly, Low gravity center only 9mm, regardless of complex structure




General shoes

Hifistay Stella 55

Insulator shoes


Steel or aluminum


stainless or alumiu


Single structure

Three layer- pyramid shaped

Vertical multiple layers

Way to control vibrations

Minimization of contacted point

Minimization of contacted point + attenuate vibrations naturally

Minimization of contacted point + blocking





Counter transference





Only for shoes


Use partly



Swing Technology  


Stella 55 is equipped with double Swing Technology. Great ability of Swing Technology is completed by being put bearing balls between layers. There are two reasons of great ability of Swing Technology.





First, By arranging meticulously the depth and extent of furrow which is put bearing balls on, It makes natural controlling for needless vibration with proper liquidity. 

A That’s why it makes flexible moving like liquid as you see in the video clip.  

Swing Technology that is applied to Stella 55 is upgraded type and it shows more flexible moving than before. 




Second, Different from general vertical structured accessories, Swing Technology has pyramid shaped for stable moving. 

This shape can be made with many difficulties like improving accuracy, but We-Hifistay solved these problems with our long time know-how. 



Perfect solution for vibration



If the only purpose is removing vibrations, that‘s not a big matter. Removing vibrations doesn’t mean always good. We can attenuate vibration just with spounge. But the matter is sound. Products like this makes inflexible high notes and removes low notes. Not only decreasing vibrations but also improving accuracy of sound is what Good accessory should do.

In this point of view, Swing Tech is an ideal solution for controlling vibrations. Swing Technology removes vibrations naturally with proper attenuations of delay. So it guarantees the resonance of speaker and makes ideal sound by emitting abnormal sympathy.





Preventing counter transference of vibrations



Not only controlling vibrations made naturally but preventing vibrations that comes inversely from floor is what an insulator should do. 

Vibrations conveyed to floor are problems, but reflection of vibrations made by speakers and devices also amplifies resonance and gives bad effect to sound. 

Stella 55 resolves counter transference and blocks bad effect with double swing tech.


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