2013_ Gyrotension Amp Platform



최고급 최상위 앰프 스탠드인 자이로텐션 스탠드입니다.

원래 대당 수천만원에 이르는 스위스의 오디오 컨설팅사 파워앰프, 프리앰프와 매칭시키기 위하여 최고의 기술과 재료, 그리고 디자인을 적용하여 제작되었습니다. (2007년 EYER 쇼에 스위스 오디오 컨설팅사의 제품들과 함께 참가하였습니다)

또한 BOULDER와 같은 최상위급 파워앰프와 매칭하여 궁극의 스태드로도 이상적입니다.

특히, 본사의 독보적인 세계 최고의 공진-진동 제어 기술인 자이로텐션 메카니즘이 적용되었으며, 베이스의 브레이싱도 가장 단단한 구조적 강성을 발휘하도록 더블 메카니즘을 갖추고 있습니다.

주 서스펜션인 자이로텐션은 최신형 모델을 적용하였으며 5Hz의 이하의 공진점을 가지도록 설계되어 어떤 상황 하에서도 가장 이상적인 진동 및 공진 제어 성능을 발휘합니다.

기기를 올려놓기 위한 상판의 사이즈는 가로 50Cm 세로 60Cm입니다.

용도는 턴테이블, CD플레이어 등 예민한 소스기기를 비롯하여 파워앰프, 프리앰프의 성능을 극한적으로 끌어내고 향상시키기 위하여 사용하실 수 있습니다.

하중용량 : 5~20 Kg의 하중용량을 갖는 최신형 자이로텐션이 4개가 적용되어 20~80Kg의 범위에서 하중을 세밀하게 조정할 수 있습니다.

This isolation stand boasts an amazingly low suspension resonance at 5Hz, thanks to its patent-pending Gyrotension technology. This low resonance frequency means that the placed equipment would not be affected even in the California that sometimes rock and rolls the way mother Earth dictates

The Gyrotension technology is a method to make a placed audio equipment suspended in the air by several dozens of resilient strings. As you see in the photo, the top platform, that an audio equipment sits on, is suspended and supported by four Gyrotension mechanism structures. Than, the 26-layer 1.75”-thick base platform provides the housing for the Gyrotension structures. The base platform is supported by large cones at four corners. 

The top platform is the 12-layer 4/5”-thick plate that sits on four coupling dials via four Bubinga coupling disks. 

The Gyrotension mechanism consists of four major structures. The first is the resonance conveying dial that also function as the height & tension adjustment dial. The second is the axle that connects the top resonance conveying dial to the resonance elimination structure that is made up of double disks suspended by 48 super resilient O-rings. Then the 48 O-rings are connected to the supporting frame body.

The top platform and the base platform are made of the multiple-layer plate of the Finnish Birch wood. Both are fine hand-polished and multiple coated with a natural charcoal extract solution.

One experimentation amazed many audiophile firends.

I invited several audiophile friends to show how amazing the Gyro amp stand is in absorbing, dissipating, and quelling the resonance and vibration energy.

In front of the several friends, I placed a turned-on hammerdrill on the top platform and asked an audiophile friend to touch the base frame. He acknowledged with a surprized face that he could not feel any vibration on his hand. Since all the vibration energy from the hammerdrill is absorbed and dissipated though the Gyrotension mechanisms, the base frame remains calm and silent. The same experimentation repeated various ways and directions. After witnessing the same result with their direct eyes, everyone was amazed by the unbeliebable capacity of the Gyrotension mechanisms to absorb and eliminating the vibration energy.

====== SPECIFICATION ========

1. Overall size : W 26” x D 22” x H 6” (W660mm x D560mm x H150mm)
2. Base Frame size : W23.6” x D19.7” x Thick 1&3/4” (W600mm x D500mm x Thick 44mm)
3. Top Platform size : W23.6” x D19.7” x Thick 4/5” (W600mm x D500mm x Thick 20mm)
4. Cone size : H5.1” x Diameter 1.5” (H130mm x Diam. 38mm)
5. Weight Capacity : 250 lbs (120 Kg)
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  • 2013_ Gyrotension Amp Platform

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