We devote ourselves to audio to
enjoy beautiful music with better sound

The music you appreciate in the well-balanced audio system with excellent balance and rich information touches you and brings comfort. In operating the audio system, not only the performance of the device is important, but the quality and vibration of the electricity is also very important. In 2002, our company had focused on the manufacture of automation equipment and optics and then switched direction to establish hifistay, a specialized accessory manufacturer for Hifi audio. We have been paying attention to "Vibration Control" as an audio assistant for better sound. From now on, Hifistay will help you to get 100% performance on your audio system.

New is listening, colorful is the texture of sound, we propose a new solution

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  • 2018.03 Coex Melon AudioShow Participation in Seoul, Korea
  • 2017.10 Bexco Melon AudioShow Participation in Busan, Korea
  • 2017.05 Munich Highend AudioShow Participation in Munich, Germany
  • 2017.03 Coex Melon AudioShow Participation in Seoul, Korea
  • 2016.10 Coex Eyear Show Participation in Seoul, Korea
  • 2016.08 HongKong AV show participation
  • 2015.02 6moons.com and others initiated a review Gyrotension
  • 2014.08 Coex Eyear Show Participation in Seoul, Korea
  • 2014.04 Ambassador Hotel Seoul International Audio Show Participation
  • 2012.04 Coex Seoul International Audio Show Participation
  • 2010.05 Only for B&W 800 series outriggers exporting North America
  • 2009.12 StereoTimes have selected the 2009 Most wanted component
  • 2009.10 Mythology audiorack participation in RMAF Audio festival
  • 2009.07 Factory moved to its present premises in Namyangju
  • 2007.04 Coex Eyear Show Participation in Seoul, Korea
  • 2003.08 Patent registration as a dedicated supporter structure for speaker
  • 2003.05 Patent registration as a Stabilizer for LP turntable
  • 2003.03 Setec founded fair participation – absorber for the speaker & ETC
  • 2002.11 hifistay.com website open
  • 2002.11 Hifistay INC. is founded
  • 2002.11 Speaker spike patent registration
  • 2002.03 Record clamp structure and others patents registered 6 cases
  • Before Operating factory automation equipment and optical instruments manufacturer

Damped Oscillation

We design the product as the principle of damped oscillation movement in which the vibration disappears.

Radial Silicone Band

Silicon band structure with vibration damping force in all directions up, down, left and right Adjustable tension to match the weight of various devices

T.M.D (Tuned Mass Damper)

Also known as a harmonic absorber , is a device mounted in structures to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations.

Spherical Pendulum Movement

Ceramic bearings are a major component of spherical pendulums. It responds to the principle of action-reaction from external forces.

Precision processing technology

We make it precise based on over 30 years of metal processing technology such as the optical equipment from external forces.

Vibration Absorbing Particles

The column and base of the audio rack use vibration absorbing particles. Silica material or stainless steel ball is applied from external forces.

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