Aiming for originality to find the essence of the audio system.

This is the notes just after the audio phile test. "It's mellow. deep. thick. The shade has grown. rich and sufficient. comfortable. abundant in sounds. It is comfortable. Do not shoot. It is musical. Above all, I feel good throughout listening. It's refreshing. " What changed is only the audio system accessories, but there come so many changes.

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    The colors of Hifistay's products blend seamlessly into the audio system. It is fairly neutral. It does not eliminate the vibration of audio devices but works together to balance vibration.

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    Until one product launches to create the best quality product, we repeat product demonstrations, feedback and revisions to popular audio philes.

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    Sound Improvement

    By not adding unnecessary elements, simply increase the amount of information, resolution, clear the background. It reveals the presence of the system. It must be an excellent accessory faithful to the role of the shoe itself.

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    Moving away from the point of view of a simple manufacturer thinking of products and having three-dimensional reflections of audio philes we lead the solution to the audio system ahead.

All Hifistay products are based on Newton's action & reaction principle. All electronic devices are the products of scientific theory. which generates vibration energy and convert this vibration energy into kinetic energy and heat energy to reduce vibration energy.

With more than 20 years of professional production engineers and unique R & D know-how, we are leading the audio market with experimental and effective items that others can never propose.

Natural taste. A single product is completed through cutting & machining & engraving hundreds of times so that it can fit well into all audio systems. Innovative but not standing out too much, simple yet not dull. The design makes it an excellent companion to your audio system.

100% performance of the audio system

It helps to reveal the system characteristics of audio phile and does not add unnecessary elements.

Design evolving towards perfection

Out of simple design, innovative design combined with technology, naturally mingle with all audio systems.

No doubt.

Choose HIFISTAY then you can experience the revolution of the vibration control.

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