GALAXIA SERIES Stella 55 double swing


Stella double swing     55                          
CD Transport & DAC
Music sever
Application Amplifier
Network device
Book shelf speaker
Audio rack
Height 18.5mm
Diameter 55Φ
Maximum load 40kg / pc(per unit)
Top Silver
Mid Silver
Bottom Silver
Option Adapter(Ceramic ball)
Type Dual motion swing


Replaceable upper part Concave shoes shaped and with no bolt upper part will be provided. It can be used or not as occasion demands. Bolt-shaped can be purchased for good measure and it is replaceable. Ceramic ball Each layer shows flexible moving with three zirconia. A three level layer Three level layers with double controlling structure make natural attenuation of vibrations by preventing counter transference. Stainless steel We add density of medium sound comparing to aluminum, weighing 2.5 times more than aluminum. Center of gravity A gravity center that spike is placed, is has low center. (It is even lower than 9mm.) Pyramid structure . A Stable pyramid structure(not vertical shaped) makes maximum load lager and gives great stability.
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